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  2. does anybody know what this bug is my eggplant?
  3. Check out the progress through my gallery
  4. I will use this thread to post some info about my tomato garden. I have 14 tomato plants going, plus cucumbers, and eggplants. The tomatoes were started inside and plated a bit late this year.
  5. We had good success and will post some photos soon.
  6. A belated update. The beer came out good. It could have been more sour. I have paid more attention to lowering the ph so the lacto has a better environment to work. I have used a acidulated malt and/or lactic acid to lower the ph. Also, have patience when making your sour beer. It can take months. If you want quick results you can do a kettle sour. Another benefit of a kettle sour is the limited possibility of contaminating your equipment/brewing area.
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